Application Form

Attention applicants: please be aware that, according to your country of origin, you may be asked to add supporting documents at the end of your application, such as a CV, language certificate, etc. It is advisable to prepare such documents before starting the application as you will not be able to stop and resume the application process.

Short Term Exchanges

Short-term exchanges (two weeks or one week) for judges, prosecutors and trainers in the courts/prosecutors’ offices/judicial training institutions of the EU Member States enable participants to share the work of their counterparts in another EU country, to familiarise themselves with a judicial system/training system other than their own.

For further information regarding the different types of exchanges, please consult the “Exchange Programme Activities” section of the EJTN Website.

List of hosting countries, number of available places and working languages

Please refer to your national training institution for details: list of participating institutions

Call for application 2021: Due to the pandemic situation Europe faced in 2020, we kindly inform you that a transition is ongoing between the Exchange Programme 2020 and the upcoming Exchange Programme 2021 as a result of which the availability of some places may be affected.