Application Form

Attention applicants: please be aware that, according to your country of origin, you may be asked to add supporting documents at the end of your application, such as a CV, language certificate, etc. It is advisable to prepare such documents before starting the application as you will not be able to stop and resume the application process.

Project-based exchanges

Project-based exchanges are the Exchange Programme activities that are organised following the submission of a project proposal by the applicant. These activities include:

  • Bilateral exchanges, open to judges, prosecutors and court staff
  • Regional exchanges, open to judges, prosecutors and court staff
  • Judiciary learning grant programme, open to judges, prosecutors and judicial trainers
  • EJTN-CEPOL joint exchanges, open to judges and prosecutors

Different application deadlines may apply to each type of activity. Further information regarding the different types of exchange and deadline is available on the Exchange Programme section of the EJTN Website.

Please refer to your national training institution for details: list of participating institutions